Martin Edwards

Crime Writers' Association

The Crime Writers' Association was founded in 1953, on the initiative of John Creasey, to support professional crime writers and promote the genre. For more information about the origins of the CWA, please read this article.

I have been a member of the CWA since 1987, and in the same year I attended the first meeting of the Northern Chapter of the CWA, set up by Peter N. Walker and still going strong. The Northern Chapter has published three anthologies under my editorship, and I co-edited with Robert Church an anthology produced by the East Anglian Chapter.

Since 1996, I have edited the CWA's official anthology; titles include Mysterious Pleasures, which celebrated the CWA's Golden Jubilee in 2003. The latest anthology is Deadly Pleasures, which celebrate the CWA's Diamond Jubilee.

In 2000, Margaret Murphy set up Murder Squad, a collective of seven members of the Northern Chapter, including myself. Since then, many similar groupings have sprung up around the UK.

I chaired the CWA's Diamond Dagger nominations sub-committee for ten years, and I am now a member of the CWA committee. Since 2007 I have been the CWA's archivist. The archives are currently being transferred to Gladstone's Library in Hawarden, near Chester, a marvellous location, where cataloguing will continue. Some parts of them will in due course be made available to studens of the genre and its history.

For further information about the CWA, take a look at its official and regularly updated website.