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Recent and Forthcoming Events

13 February, Garrick Club
Martin will host the Detection Club members’ AGM and private dinner

15-17 March, Essex Book Festival, Southend
Martin will present a talk about Gallows Court: the Making of a Crime Novel, and take part in a panel about Golden Age Queens of Crime

4-7 April, Toronto
Martin will give the Clifford Hollyer Lecture on Sherlock Holmes and the Detection Club

10-14 April, Cumbria
Martin will take part in library events and host the CWA annual conference at Bowness

3-16 May, Queen Mary II and Oxford
Martin will be guest lecturer talking to Road Scholar members each day about The Art of the Whodunit

17-19 May, The Word Festival, South Shields
Martin will take part in panels and workshops organised by the Murder Squad

22 May, Cockermouth Bookshop
Martin will take part in a discussion about crime fiction in the Lake District

12 June, Garrick Club
Martin will host a private dinner of the Detection Club

13 June – CWA ex-Chairs' lunch Martin will take part in the CWA annual ex-Chairs' lunch in London
Martin will be a speaker at Bodies from the Library

21-23 June, Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden
Martin will host the Alibis in the Archives crime fiction heritage weekend

28 June, Bodies from the Library
Martin will talk about Cyril Hare's crime writing in conversation with Christine Poulson 18-21 July, Harrogate
Martin will be attending the Theakston’s Crime Festival

26 July – 8 August, Queen Mary II and Oxford
Martin will be guest lecturer talking to Road Scholar members each day about The Art of the Whodunit

7 September - Douglas Library, Isle of Man
Martin will host a 1920s Murder Mystery evening.

14 September, Rye Arts Festival
Martin will take part in the Crime Day at the festival with Lynne Truss and others.

21 September, Patricia Highsmith: Queen of Suspense Martin will be the keynote speaker at a symposium held by the University of Chester

26-30 September, International Literature Festival, Odessa
Martin will take part in the festival and events of International Association of Crime Writers

23 October, Ritz Hotel
Martin will host the Detection Club’s private dinner at the Ritz Hotel

28 Oct to 5 Nov Dallas, Texas
Martin will attend Dallas Bouchercon

18 November, Boothsmere W.I., Cheshire
Martin will talk about “My Life of Crime”.

Victorian Murder Mystery

Martin's inter-active Victorian murder mystery 'Who Killed George Hargrave?' has been performed with much success to large audiences at libraries and other venues in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, County Durham, the Isle of Man, Cumbria, Tyne & Wear, North Tyneside, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Gloucestershire, Lancashire, Trafford, Kirklees, Teeside, Greater Manchester, West Midlands, and Merseyside.

For more information, email:

1920s Murder Mystery

Martin’s second murder mystery event, “Murder at the Manor”, set in the 1920s, the Golden Age of detective fiction, was premiered at the Newcastle Winter Books Festival in November 2011. Martin is also able to provide tailor-made murder mysteries for corporate events and festivals.


Martin offers a wide range of talks and after dinner speeches. In the field of crime fiction, his talks about "Why do we care whodunit?", the Golden Age of crime fiction, Secrets of the Detection Club, locked room mysteries, Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, and contemporary crime fiction have all been very well received. In the area of true crime, he offers talks about Dr Crippen and also aspects of CSI, famous murder cases, and unsolved mysteries.

Workshops, coaching and mentoring

Martin has successfully conducted writing workshops and is also an experienced coach and mentor. For details of workshop topics, please get in touch by email.

Writer in residence

Martin has previously acted as a part-time writer in residence and will be able to take on a limited number of assignments in the future.

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