Gallows Court Reviews

“This dark thriller set in the 1930s — crime's "Golden Age" — is the first novel for three years by the leading expert in classic crime fiction. With its edgily modern take on the era, masterful and playful nods to the genre's tropes, sumptuous period detail and a terrifying heroine, this is no country-house cosy.”
Sunday Times Crime Club Newsletter

“As always, Edwards writes a book that grips you from page one. Immediately, you have a strange scenario where you question what exactly is going on. Is the guilty party really guilty? Are others involved to cover their tracks or are they really pillars of justice? Gallows Court is no pastiche, but a homage to the glittering Golden Era. It felt as though Edwards was channelling Christie and Sayers as if these two giants had collaborated on a novel together...Gallows Court is a brilliant read with an enigmatic heroine… or is she really so heroic???”
Crime Squad

“Imagine a modern thriller – of the Deaver genre, rather than the unreliable-narrator-which-man-in-my-life-is-trying-to-kill-me genre – wrapped up in a Golden Age detective novel. That would give you the most basic idea of the shape of the book. What it adds to both aspects of that genre is some very strong atmosphere and character work... There are several cracking twists...and the overall book is one of the most satisfying reads I’ve experienced for a long time. As you may be able to tell, Gallows Court comes with my Highest Recommendation.”
In Search of the Classic Mystery

“A richly atmospheric read.”
The Thrill