Harry Devlin

Harry Devlin is a Liverpool lawyer who just can’t help getting into trouble. But his heart is in the right place. When we first meet Harry, in All the Lonely People, he is watching the Woody Allen film Love and Death, and the title represents the two threads that run through Harry’s life.

In the first chapter of the book, his estranged wife Liz comes back to see him – but soon she is murdered, and Harry is the prime suspect. To clear his name, he has to discover who killed Liz – and see justice done.

Harry has a short-lived fling with a neighbour, Brenda Rixton, and later he becomes involved with a fellow lawyer, Valerie Kaiwar, who is introduced in Suspicious Minds, a campaigner against miscarriages of justice, Kim Lawrence, and Juliet May. Juliet is married to Casper May, a rich man with a murky past, and the relationship proves to be a dangerous liaison.

Harry’s business partner is the dependable Jim Crusoe, but even Jim flirts with danger from time to time, and in Waterloo Sunset, he is the victim of a savage attack. Harry suspects that he was the assailant’s intended victim – he has received an anonymous message suggesting that he is to die on Midsummer’s Eve.

Years have passed between the events described in First Cut is the Deepest (in which Harry is pursued by a mysterious stranger, and ultimately forced to confront a secret from his past) and those featured in Waterloo Sunset. In the latter book, the firm of Crusoe and Devlin has moved from Fenwick Court to plush new offices overlooking The Strand. Liverpool is changing – but Harry prays that the developers have not turned a much-needed facelift to become a heart transplant.

The series describes Harry’s unending quest for justice, and over the course of the eight books, his life moves on, as do the lives of the supporting cast. And in the background, there is another character – the city of Liverpool, which changes as the years pass, but which is never less than fascinating.

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Waterloo Sunset - Now in paperback

"Impressive... Edwards skilfully weaves the strands together... all will enjoy this twisty whodunit"
- Publishers Weekly

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Waterloo Sunset Map of Liverpool

‘Tremendous atmospherics…a grand debut.’
Frances Fyfield, CWA Gold Dagger winner

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‘Harry Devlin might be down at heel and frayed around the edges, but when it comes to having a nose for a mystery, he’s the smartest solicitor in Liverpool’.
Val McDermid, CWA Gold Dagger winner

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‘Love features large and without sentimentality in this compelling story…Home-grown British crime fiction needs, among all the literary flower-arranging, more true grit like this.’
Frances Fyfield, CWA Gold Dagger winner

‘Martin Edwards gets better and better…Clever plot, rounded characters, nicely judged pace and above all the richly atmospheric portrayal of Liverpool life at all levels makes this a real treat.’
Reginald Hill, CWA Diamond and Gold Dagger winner

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‘There is a special fascination about a mystery that is supposedly solved and then resurfaces years later. Martin Edwards exploits this fascination most intriguingly – and with a sensational outcome.’
Peter Lovesey, CWA Diamond and Gold Dagger winner

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‘Martin Edwards at his considerable best. The serpent of old Mersey has us in his toils from the word go.’
Robert Barnard, CWA Diamond Dagger winner.

‘A fine example of the no-holds-barred school.’
Michael Gilbert, CWA Diamond Dagger winner.

‘A gritty study in character, revealing passions and frustrations we can all believe in. Places and people we remember long afterwards with such a sharpness we wonder if they were real, or only read about.’
Anne Perry, Edgar Award winner

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'These days it is not easy to create a credible amateur sleuth, but Martin Edwards has managed the job with considerable panache. The Devil in Disguise is the sixth novel in his Harry Devlin series. Harry is a self-deprecating Liverpool solicitor whose sense of curiosity is inextricably entangled with compassion and a dry, understated wit.'
Andrew Taylor, CWA Ellis Peters and John Creasey Dagger winner

‘How good to find a crime novel that doesn’t rely on lurid violence to beat you into submission. Instead, here’s solid storytelling, a toothsome everyday Liverpool legal background and a nice scattering of perky jokes.’
H.R.F. Keating, CWA Diamond and Gold Dagger winner

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‘Edwards puts a contemporary spin on many traditional ingredients…literate, quirky and intelligent. The narrative is both psychologically plausible and intelligently plotted. Next one, please.’
Andrew Taylor, CWA Ellis Peters and John Creasey Dagger winner

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