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The Lake District Novels
Lake District Novels Article
Daniel Kind
Hannah Scarlett
Reviews: The Coffin Trail
Reviews: The Cipher Garden
Reviews: The Arsenic Labyrinth
Reviews: The Serpent Pool
Analysis of The Serpent Pool by Margot Kinbert
Reviews: The Hanging Wood
Reviews: The Frozen Shroud

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Liverpool Novels Article
Harry Devlin
Harry Devlin Ebooks
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Reviews: Suspicious Minds
Reviews: I Remember You
Reviews: Yesterday's Papers
Reviews: The Devil In Disguise
Reviews: Eve Of Destruction
Reviews: First Cut Is The Deepest
Plot Summary: Waterloo Sunset
Location Map: Waterloo Sunset
Reviews: Waterloo Sunset

Dancing For The Hangman
The Crippen Case
Crippen Image Gallery
Belle: The Musical
The Rap Sheet, November 2008

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The Coffin Trail
The Cipher Garden
The Arsenic Labyrinth
The Serpent Pool
The Hanging Wood
Dancing For The Hangman
Waterloo Sunset
Take My Breath Away

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Borderlands: Ellis Peters' Crime Fiction
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Crime in Good Company
Cyril Hare
Getting Away with Murder
Gilbert Adair
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Gory Knight
H.R.F. Keating
Hercule Poirot
John Banville
Margery Allingham
Michael Gilbert
Minette Walters
Mysterious Pleasures
Original Sinners
Peter Lovesey, an interview with
Reg Hill
Return of the Prodigal in Crime Fiction
Robert Barnard; A Talent To Entertain
Sarah Caudwell
The Detective in British Crime Fiction
The Irony of Murder
The Murder Dossiers
Trending: Why is the Golden Age fashionable again?
Series versus Stand-alone
Sir Basil Thomson
Villainy in Crime Fiction
W.J. Burley
What Beckoning Ghost?
Wills in Crime Fiction
Winifred Peck’s Crime Novels

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Agatha Christie: Mistress of Mystery
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Black and Blue
Crime writers as correspondents
Death of Jezebel
Double Blackmail
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
Hannibal Rising
Harry Stephen Keeler: Letter Card
Many A Slip
Margery Allingham the letter writer
Nancy Spain – and Norman
O England!
Rediscovering Crime Classics
The Affair at Little Wokeham
The Black Echo
The Chill and the Kill
The Floating Admiral
The Man in the Brown Suit
The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Mousetrap
The Rasp
The Roy Vickers Collection
The Sad Variety
The Tongue-Tied Canary
The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club
Trent's Last Case
What’s in a name?

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The Anatomy of Murder
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Anatomy of Murder
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The Detection Collection
The Verdict of Us All
Detection Medley
No Flowers By Request

Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers

Agatha Christie and True Crime
Agatha Christie's Secret
The Christie Phenomenon
Dorothy L. Sayers and True Crime

Sherlock Holmes

The Greatest Detective
The Red-Headed League


CADS, June 2012
Cumbria Magazine, January 2011
Radio Shropshire, September 2009 (8.5Mb file)
Law Society Gazette, December 2008
The Rap Sheet, November 2008
Warrington Guardian, February 2008
Interview with Legal Executive Journal, November 2006
Lawyer of the Week, The Times, 9th May 2006
Soho Noir Q&A, September 2006
Cheshire Life Feature on Martin Edwards by Ben Pinnington, September 2006

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