Six Against The Yard

First published in 1936, Six Against the Yard was an ingenious, and perhaps unique, variation on the conventional detective fiction anthology. The book contains half a dozen stories by members of the Club featuring potentially foolproof murders, but each is followed by an analysis undertaken by former Superintendent Cornish of Scotland Yard, in which the flaws in the criminal scheme are exposed.

Margery Allingham – It Didn’t Work Out 
Ex-Superintendent Cornish – Should the Murderess Tell? 
Ronald Knox – The Fallen Idol 
Ex-Superintendent Cornish – Murder in Uniform 
Anthony Berkeley – The Policeman Only Taps Once 
Ex-Superintendent Cornish – …And Then Come the Handcuffs! 
Russell Thorndike – Strange Death of Mr Scallion 
Ex-Superintendent Cornish – Detectives Sometimes Read 
Dorothy L. Sayers – Blood Sacrifice 
Ex-Superintendent Cornish – They Wouldn’t Believe Him! 
Freeman Wills Crofts – The Parcel 
Ex-Superintendent Cornish – The Motive Shows the Man