True Crime

Martin has edited a collection of essays on real life crimes for the Crime Writers’ Association’s 2015 anthology Truly Criminal. Contributors include Andrew Taylor, Peter Lovesey, and Catherine Aird, and there is an introduction by Peter James. Martin’s contribution discusses the famous ‘Blazing Car Murder’ committed by Alfred Rouse in 1930.

Do you know your corpus delicti from your folie a deux? Martin is the author of Urge to Kill, also published in different countries as Catching Killers and Motive to Murder. The bok provides a compelling and widely researched guide to how professional investigators solve murder cases, coupled with 30 real-life case studies from around the world. The book explores the many motives for murder as well as a fascinating range of means of committing the crime. Finally there is a fascinating account of ‘Murder Inspired By Fiction’, from 1881 to the present day.