Events From 2013

Murder at the Manor mystery evening

7.30 pm, Wednesday 6 March, Knutsford Library

Victorian Mystery evening

7.30 pm, Thursday 21 March, Holywell Library, North Wales

My Life of Crime

7 pm, Tuesday 26 March, Poulton Library, Lancs

Crimefest 2013, Bristol

30 May to 2 June, Martin will be moderating two panels during the conference

My Life of Crime

7.30 pm, Monday 3 June, Denton Library, Greater Manchester

My Life of Crime

10.30 a.m. Saturday 6 July, Winsford Library, Cheshire

My Life of Crime

7.30 p.m. Tuesday 30 July, Hartwood Inn, Chorley

A BBQ and Crime, with Sheila Quigley and Kate Ellis

7 p.m. Wednesday 31 July, Formby Books, The Cloisters, Formby, Merseyside

Launch of The Frozen Shroud

7.30 pm, Tuesday 13 August, Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden

St Hilda’s Crime and Mystery Conference, Oxford

16-18 August, Martin will be speaking on the present and future of crime fiction

Gladfest, Gladstone’s Library, North Wales

6-8 September, Martin will present a Victorian mystery evening

My Life of Crime

6.30 pm, Thursday 19 September, Friends of Garston Library, Garston Library, Liverpool

Wellington Literary Festival, Shropshire

7.30 pm Thursday 3 October, Martin will talk about Ellis Peters

Sherlock Holmes Society of London Annual Dinner

Saturday 5 October, Martin will be the guest speaker at Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden