The Dungeon House

“Martin Edwards’s Lake District Mysteries are gentle though by no means cosy, teeming with good writing, humour and attractive scenery. The lively plot of The Dungeon House — seventh in the series — is full of Cumbrian adultery, grudges, missing teenagers, and a house spreading its malign influence over generations.” 

Marcel Berlins, The Times

Edwards shows that a troubled local family can rename the Dungeon House as Ravenglass Knoll, but they can’t erase its violent past or prevent a recurrence of the same fatal passions..Edwards works exceptionally close to his characters. So every complication he piles on so generously comes with a fresh sting.” 

Kirkus Reviews

“Engrossing…Edwards has a way of tangling lives and spinning a cloud of suspicion over several characters, sending readers up and down wonderfully entertaining blind alleys that keep interest high until the unexpected…end.”

Publishers’ Weekly

“The seventh book in the Lake District Mysteries demonstrates Martin Edwards is a very fine writer of contemporary crime…an impeccably plotted tale…The main characters – from Hannah and her team, to historian Daniel Kind (Ben’s son and Hannah’s lover) and returning Joanna Footit, who sparks more chaos as she reminds people of things they’d rather forget – are all well-drawn and brought to life…The real-life lawyer has a canny ear for vernacular and perspective, subtly showing how people see the same events differently, without resorting to unreliable narrator tropes. A very fine mystery that delves into the darkness and doubts that tickle all of our souls.”

Crime Watch

“It has been a long time since I have read a mystery that captured my attention the way that The Dungeon House did. I felt disappointed when it was over, but the ride was well worth it. I had many a late night reading this book and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a complex plot that continually surprises you at every turn. My assumptions were challenged more than once and I was delighted when the final revelation was deftly disclosed at the end of the book. The Dungeon House is a mystery in the truest sense of the word and a book that rewards the reader over and over. Highly recommended.”

Mysterious Reviews

“This complex and engaging novel. There are tales of love and obsession dating back to that original murder, and of greed and guilt permanently disfiguring the characters. There is plodding procedural police work, and there are thrilling and suspenseful moments. The countryside is brought to life in loving detail. In short, there is something in this book for everyone.”

Reviewing the Evidence

“A page-turner…Possibly Martin Edwards’ best Lake Distict mystery to date.”

Penrith Today

“A complex and compelling book, with beautifully drawn characters and a wonderful sense of place. Hannah and her team are all likeable people with their own foibles and flaws. This is a superbly plotted and engrossing mystery, a real page-turner.”

Carol Westron, Mystery People

“Well written and strongly plotted with some excellent characterisation – Hannah is a detective I will enjoy meeting again.”

Fiction Fan’s Book Reviews blog

“A fabulous investigation that deftly ties together a twenty-year old horrible tragedy, a cold case disappearance and a missing person’s inquiry. Filled with terse suspense as Scarlett fears time is running out for Shona, Martin Edwards writes a terrific mystery anchored by a deep cast desperately searching for the missing teen.”


“What’s rather intriguing about this novel is that Edwards inserts another character into the mix, who gets involved in the investigation in interesting and often confusing ways…well-made crime fiction at its best.”

Harriet Devine’s blog

“The unravelling of the two cases is fascinating and, at the end, very dramatic. Hannah is likeable, the police procedure interesting and the whole book a nicely wrapped up detective mystery. Recommended.” 

Call Me Madam blog