Detection Medley

Detection Medley was published in the UK in 1939; it appeared the following year in the US under the title Line Up. John Rhode edited the book and supplied a foreword, while A.A. Milne, himself a member of the Club, contributed a short introduction. Although most of the contributions – a number of which had been published previously – were short stories, there were also articles by G.K. Chesterton, J.J. Connington, R.Austin Freeman and Milward Kennedy.

Margery Allingham – The Lieabout 
Margery Allingham – The Same to Us
H.C. Bailey – Mr Bowley’s Sunday Evening 
E.C. Bentley – The Sweet Shot 
E.C. Bentley – The Genuine Tabard 
Nicholas Blake – A Slice of Bad Luck 
J. Dickson Carr – Persons or Things Unknown 
G.K. Chesterton – The Best Detective Story 
Agatha Christie – Wireless 
Agatha Christie – Death By Drowning 
G.D.H. and M. Cole – Too Clever By Half 
J.J.Connington – A Criminologist’s Bookshelf 
Freeman Wills Crofts – The Match 
Carter Dickson – The Hiding-Place 
Carter Dickson – The Crime in Nobody’s Room 
Edgar Jepson and Robert Eustace – All Square 
R. Austin Freeman – The Art of the Detective Story 
Anthony Gilbert – Horseshoes for Luck 
Anthony Gilbert – The Cockroach and the Tortoise 
Lord Gorell – The Shadow 
Lord Gorell – A Fly in the Ointment 
Ianthe Jarrold – Blue Lias 
Milward Kennedy – Are Murders Meant? 
Milward Kennedy – Murderers in Fiction 
E.C.R. Lorac – The Live Wire 
Arthur Morrison – A Professional Episode 
The Baroness Orczy – A Shot in the Night 
The Baroness Orczy – The Tytherton Case 
E.R. Punshon – Who Was It? 
E.R. Punshon – The Secret of the Chessboard 
Dorothy L. Sayers – Striding Folly 
Dorothy L. Sayers – The Haunted Policeman 
Henry Wade – The Sub-Branch 
Henry Wade – Four to One – Bar One 
Hugh Walpole – The Perfect Close