The Man Who…

In 1992, the Detection Club published The Man Who…, edited by H.R.F. Keating, to celebrate the 80th birthday of the Club’s President, Julian Symons. In his introduction, Keating explained that, in compiling this ‘fiction Festschrift’, he had invited ‘those among the Club’s members who have been perhaps most closely linked with Julian to contribute…I laid down only a few stipulations. Each story was, in tribute to the author of The Man Who Killed Himself, The Man Whose Dreams Came True, and The Man Who Lost His Wife, to have a title beginning ‘The Man Who…’ (but, indulgent as ever, I allowed a little latitude.) I added that the stories under these titles should, while being altogether the author’s own, refer in some way to Julian’s oeuvre. A request my fellow members treated with the circumspection proper to any edict of mine.’

Catherine Aird – The Man Who Rowed for the Shore 
Eric Ambler – The One Who Did for Blagden Cole 
Simon Brett – The Man Who Got the Dirt 
Len Deighton – The Man Who Was a Coyote 
Antonia Fraser – The Man Who Wiped The Smile Off His Face 
Michael Gilbert – The Man Who Was Reconstituted 
Reginald Hill – The Man Who Defenestrated His Sister 
P.D. James – The Man Who Was Eighty 
H.R.F.Keating – The Man Who Killed For Pleasure 
Peter Lovesey – The Man Who Ate People 
Ruth Rendell – The Man Who Was the God of Love 
George Sims – The Man Whose Holiday was a Fiasco 
Michael Underwood – The Man Who Scattered Crumbs