First Cut is The Deepest

‘Edwards puts a contemporary spin on many traditional ingredients…literate, quirky and intelligent. The narrative is both psychologically plausible and intelligently plotted. Next one, please.’ 

Andrew Taylor, CWA Ellis Peters and John Creasey Dagger winner

‘The series continues to provide good entertainment.’ 

Susanna Yager, The Sunday Telegraph

‘The insights into contemporary society are as sharp as the dark and discursive plotting.’ 

The Times

‘Mr. Edwards is the only contemporary novelist whose is genuinely interested in the experience of solicitors and who has the ability to turn that experience into compelling fiction … his most ambitious Devlin book … a brilliant confrontation scene … the novel is a vivid and broadly drawn portrait of the Liverpool legal scene, its pubs and cafes and courts. There is some fine descriptive writing about Liverpool.’ 

The Law Society’s Gazette

‘Grabs the attention from the start … With his love of popular song and passion for film noir [Harry Devlin] is a warm-hearted addition to the British crime canon. The biggest mystery is why he is yet to be on our TV screens.’ 

Solicitors Journal

‘A crime cracker. Five stars – excellent.’ 

Peterborough Evening Telegraph

‘The seventh instalment in an increasingly ambitious series … It’s a longer, more complex and character-driven book than its predecessors, showing the author clearly growing in confidence … As ever, Harry can’t resist a mystery – his almost obsessive fascination with whodunits has been well set up throughout the series – though, this time, he is distracted by explosive events in his personal life and his strong moral sense takes a few knocks.’ 

Morning Star

‘Martin Edwards’ handling of human relationships is particularly strong in this novel … Established admirers of Harry Devlin will not be disappointed in First Cut is the Deepest, and neither will newcomers … If the standard remains at this level the future scope for Harry Devlin is wide indeed.’ 

Paul M. Chapman, Sherlock Holmes: The Detective Magazine

‘The primary focus is on the mystery and the characters, combined with subtle twists and turns to keep the readers in suspense … The sometimes gritty and sleazy atmosphere created around Harry and his fellow characters is almost tangible … His descriptive narrative at times makes you feel a slight chill around your back and the hairs on your neck stand on end.’ 

Sue Wrigley, Living Edge

‘Solicitors … and the police together form a small, insular, closed community, which, in Edwards’ hands takes on a dark, brooding atmosphere of inter-linked lives all insufferably dependent on each other … Martin Edwards writes the classic detective novel, much in the manner of Chandler, he infuses it with an air of Gothic old-world horror that sets you to thinking it would be better to sleep with the light on.’ 

John Baker, Tangled Web UK

‘This engaging novel (by a working solicitor and accomplished crime writer) would make an ideal Christmas present for somebody like that chap in Henry IV Part II who recommends that the first thing is to kill all lawyers – except for those who are fully paid up members of the Crime Writers Association.’ 

James Melville, Hampstead & Highgate Express

‘A brilliant and disturbing thriller, which makes effective use of the Liverpool’s tough urban setting. First Cut is the Deepest is, amazingly, still fresh despite being the seventh in the Harry Devlin series.’ 

PC Strategy Games

‘Martin Edwards’ mysteries have always been good, but they seem to be getting better with each successive novel. He is not only a crafty author, but a student of the genre, so he knows how to build a devilishly clever plot. Here in the States we’ve only had one crack at him so far. Let’s hope for more!’ 

George Easter, Deadly Pleasures

‘Martin belongs to the great tradition of erudite British puzzle-solvers and, in this respect, he is more like Colin Dexter than many of the authors who are compared to the creator of Morse.’

Ron Ellis, Summertime

‘The main plot is nicely laid out and the revelations when they come are logical and satisfying, explaining all the hidden points nicely … I enjoyed reading the book, sub-plots and all as I always do and I will certainly read the next Harry Devlin when it appears.’

Geoff Bradley, CADS

‘Martin Edwards … is creator of one of the most endearing heroes currently featuring in British crime fiction, Liverpool lawyer and amateur sleuth Harry Devlin … Devlin is not as cerebral a character as Morse, nor as blunt and aggressive as Dalziel, but he’s much more endearing than both.’

Liverpool Daily Post

‘Aside from the twists and turns of the various investigations, the text is riveting. Martin has a gift for dialogue and the telling reposte – and there’s the added interest of the Merseyside setting.’ 

Alan Domville, Warrington Guardian

‘Another mystery from the very able pen of Martin Edwards … The attraction of Martin Edwards’ books is in the writing, which is delightful, being humorous, quirky and so easy to read.’ 

Bernard Knight, Tangled Web UK

‘Harry is cursed by a relentless need to winkle out truth regardless of cost: he pays for it in this well-written edition to a quietly compelling series.’ 

The Poisoned Pen

‘Just when you think what’s coming next, there is the sudden, expertly dealt twist. This writer whips the run from under your feet with an almost sadistic panache, like that of a matador. What’s good about this book … hard to know where to start, really … characters are, so often, exactly that … In contrast, the plot takes many an unexpected turn, with the writing, as ever, exquisitely done. And finally, the climax is so shocking, yet inevitable, it is a classic denouement.’ 

Carole Baldock, Mersey Guides