Suspicious Minds

‘Harry Devlin might be down at heel and frayed around the edges, but when it comes to having a nose for a mystery, he’s the smartest solicitor in Liverpool’. 

Val McDermid

‘Good characterisation and the taut plot make it compulsive for armchair detectives.’ 

Oracle Teletext – Channel 4 Television

‘A down to earth, gritty novel of life in Liverpool. Well worth reading.’ 


‘Harry Devlin is an immediately interesting protagonist … I can imagine the Devlin chronicles becoming a long-running and successful series.’ 


‘His characters are believable and Suspicious Minds does make you want to turn the page.’

Southport Visiter

‘We are with Harry all the way … he is a likeable chap and this is a pleasant read, well worth an evening by the fireside.’

Geoff Bradley, CADS

Suspicious Minds, like its predecessor All The Lonely People, is a sturdy enough artefact … The Merseyside locations are good, with the Liver Birds flying high.’

The Oxford Times

‘Edwards’ experience as a crime writer shows in his colorfully descriptive phrasing, finely drawn characters, and a plot with several twists… recommended.’ 

Library Journal

‘Harry Devlin … is an original figure with many possibilities … the book as a whole …. is highly readable, has graphic Merseyside settings and is wholly distinctive.’ 


‘A welcome follow-up to All The Lonely People. It is a likeable yarn … The plot is carefully designed and the relationships between the book’s characters are on the whole successful.’

The New Law Journal

‘A colourful narrative, realistic and convincing … this book maintains the high standards set by Martin Edwards.’ 

The Criminologist

‘…full of intrigue, red herrings and dubious characters. Written in the style and mood of a modern day ‘film noir’ thriller. … the book changes direction with practically every page. Excellent value … this is a lively thriller which you should devour eagerly in one or two enthralled sittings. Well recommended.’ 

Atherstone Herald Extra

‘Mr. Edwards writes a good sharp crime novel with believable characters and plenty of humour and Harry Devlin is well on the way to becoming Liverpool’s new hero.’ 

Jersey Evening Post

‘The solution is definitely different with an interesting twist in the tail. Characterisation is good with well drawn, believable characters. The pace is fast and the plot interesting, keeping the reader’s attention throughout.’ 

Angela Morgan, CADS

‘Excellent characterisation and a well thought-out plot with a good twist ending…Long a favourite of mine, it is good to see that a wider readership will be exposed to its merits.’ 

Deadly Pleasures

‘Fans of Harry Devlin will be happy to see that the Liverpool lawyer with an unquenchable hunger for justice is at the top of his form…an excellent entry in this increasingly popular series.’ 

David Pitt, Booklist

‘Martin Edwards does a good job when it comes to telling a story. Nothing is freely given. He reveals the secrets and truths only when the time is right. Devlin’s doubts become the reader’s doubts and Edwards manages to pull it off nicely. Not only is Edwards a great editor, based on the short story collection he edited which I reviewed previously, but he is a good writer in his own right. This novel proves it.’ 

Angel L. Soto, I Love A Mystery Newsletter

‘Martin Edwards has done a superb job in penning colourful and diverse characters… a wonderful tale of intrigue and suspense.’

‘Edwards’ style is such that he succeeds in making each of the novels appear more distinctive than does for instance (John) Grisham … Readers of Litigation can be sure to have heard of Grisham and John Mortimer and probably Scott Turow. It is perhaps to the less acclaimed Edwards though that they could turn for the most rewarding and relaxing few hours’ read.’