The Devil In Disguise

‘How good to find a crime novel that doesn’t rely on lurid violence to beat you into submission. Instead, here’s solid storytelling, a toothsome everyday Liverpool legal background and a nice scattering of perky jokes.’ 

H.R.F. Keating, CWA Diamond and Gold Dagger winner

‘Martin Edwards has a lot going for him. He’s from Liverpool and he’s a member of the fab four. That’s crime writing’s Fab Four: Colin Dexter, Ian Rankin, R. D. Wingfield and the aforementioned author. His new Harry Devlin novel, the sixth in this rewarding series, is long over-due but gratefully received […] A great and entertaining read. Devlin’s wit and pace ensure the pages turn quickly. Maybe too quickly. A Martin Edwards book is something to be savoured, especially when you consider the last novel was published over two years ago. Hopefully though, now that there’s a new publisher in place, we won’t have to wait as long for the next one. I can’t recommend The Devil In Disguise, and the rest of the series for that matter, enough.’

Paul Charles, Shots

‘These days it is not easy to create a credible amateur sleuth, but Martin Edwards has managed the job with considerable panache. The Devil In Disguise is the sixth novel in the Harry Devlin series. Harry is a very self-deprecating Liverpool solicitor whose sense of curiosity is inextricable entangled with compassion and a dry, understated wit … Edwards puts a contemporary spin on many traditional ingredients. The result is his best book yet – literate, quirky and intelligent. The narrative is both psychologically plausible and intelligently plotted. Next one, please.’ 

Andrew Taylor, Tangled Web UK

‘The detective novels of Martin Edwards … owe much of their success to the charisma of their solicitor hero Harry Devlin … with his acerbic observations, his complex platonic affairs and his paper-bound legal aid practice, Devlin is the perfect character to make probate law into suitable material for a thriller … an enjoyable page turner, full of jokes at the expense of the legal establishment.’ 

The Law Society’s Gazette

‘All the components of a murder mystery in the finest tradition.’ 

Stephen Digby, Legal Executive Journal

‘An uncomplicated, non-aggressive crime mystery from an assured story-teller who holds the attention without violence or profanity.’ 

South Wales Argus

‘The numerous and imaginative twists and turns of the plot, many of which are genuinely unexpected, skilfully pull the reader into the novel’s dark heart. The urge is to know what could possibly happen next is very real … Martin Edwards has himself added a fine book to the panoply of detective fiction. The combination of an intelligent and complex story, a highly readable style and a sympathetic and believable central character serves to make this a highly satisfying book. It will doubtless prove popular with Harry Devlin’s existing fans. As a newcomer to his adventures, I would also unhesitatingly recommend it to anyone unfamiliar with the character.’ 

Paul M. Chapman, Sherlock Holmes – The Detective Magazine

‘…leaves the reader wanting to find out what Devlin does next.’ 

Lincolnshire Daily Echo

‘Martin Edwards has moved to a new publishers with this – his sixth – novel and the change has clearly done him good. His style has become much more relaxed and fluent, with plenty of humour arising naturally from the interplay of his varied characters. At the same time, he still delivers a well-plotted, traditional mystery, crisply told without gimmickry.’ 

Mat Coward, Morning Star

‘Through it all moves the likeable figure of the lawyer and amateur sleuth, Harry Devlin … The book begins conventionally (at times cheerfully) enough, becomes more sombre and ends on the darkest of dark notes. In the noir tradition, the last page is blackest of all.’ 

Alex Auswaks, The Jerusalem Post

‘To Edwards’ great credit, Harry’s worries are not all neatly solved in the last few pages. This is the sixth Devlin casebook and we can expect further developments – especially in his personal life – in number seven … he leaves the reader wanting to find out what Devlin does next.’ 

Newcastle Journal

‘As always, this is a pleasant and satisfying read.’ 

Geoff Bradley, CADS

‘The Harry Devlin stories of Martin Edwards are grounded in a very believable background of Liverpool life and come across as very authentic both in terms of procedure and location. Harry, himself, is a likeable character; professional, but with a sense of humour, and will all too human doubts and foibles. […] The Devil In Disguise starts at a beguilingly gentle pace, but hooks the reader immediately … until with a last page twist the Devil of the title is finally revealed.’ 

Andrew Osmond, Tangled Web

‘Martin Edwards introduces surprise after surprise. Nothing is as it seems and I defy even the most seasoned mystery reader to anticipate where this story goes. Adding to the enjoyment of reading this novel is Edwards’ insertion of mystery book lore into the plot (excellent’ rating).’ 

George Easter, Deadly Pleasures

‘I really enjoyed this novel’ 

Christie Chronicle

‘Martin Edwards is himself a lawyer so we expect the legal business and characters to be described accurately and with sufficient interest to capture non-legal readers, and this he does with great precision … The twists get more complicated, but Edwards always keeps the explanations easy to follow, and his descriptions of the city and its various haunts … convincing and amusing.’ 

John Kennedy Melling, Crime Time